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Bri Stanley

Bri Stanley is a phenomenal athlete who can defend at a high level and get down hill effectively throughout a game. Stanley is very effective because she can guard and play multiple positions. The 11 year olds ability to put the back on the deck using a variety of moves gives her the edge over most of her opponents.


Tristan Shivers is 10 years old and is a high IQ basketball player with tremendous skill and upside! Tristan is what you want in a a basketball player; she can dribble, pass, and shoot!

Tristan Shivers

Amazin Dixon is 9 years old and  is a flat out scorer! His strengths are his size, his ball handling, and his ability to score at all 3 levels.

Amazin Dixon

10 year old Dezmund Green is a pure Point Guard! Green has great ball-handling skills, outstanding vision for his age and is becoming a great leader. Dezmund really flourishes when he uses his quickness and speed as his advantage.

Dezmund Green

9 year old Jakicey Gardner is a lefty that can flat out defend and score. Jakicey uses her athleticism to score on all 3 levels mainly attacking the basket and picking her spots with her mid-range game. Any AAU team would be lucky to get this kid she has tons of upside!

Jakicey Gardner

12 year old Hezron Driver of Burgaw Middle School has tons of upside. The 7th grader has a soft touch, is extremely crafty and definitely deceptive. Hezron is one to look out for come his 8th grade season. 

Hezron Driver

12 year old Rodmik Allen of Burgaw Middle School is the only 6th grader to make his middle school team. Allen is an extremely talented Point Guard who loves to get the crowd involved with flashy ball handling, vision and his ability to score in a variety of ways. Allen has a bright future.

Rodmik Allen

12 year old Quan Bowen of Holly Shelter Middle School is a smooth lefty with a nice stroke. Bowen has worked extremely hard and developed great vision and ball handling skills! Looking forward to him playing his first middle school season.

Quan Bowen

13 year old Keion Pickett of Wallace Middle School is a great Point Guard! The 8th grader has great vision, poise, and passing ability. If he has a big summer I can see him being one of the best point guards in the state.

Keion Pickett

Kenya Lewis is a 7th grader with tremendous upside looking forward to her having an outstanding year at Burgaw Middle School.

Kenya Lewis

Aaron is a 9 year old 4th graded with tons of upside, Aaron is a solid point Guard for his age and really skilled. He excels in making moves and creating for his teammates as well as scoring in bunches.

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